Manage your Teams Effortlessly

Create and manage your coaching teams.-Manage team members, clients and their interactions with ease.-Stay on top of all your business activities by accessing them from anywhere at any time.

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Reduce costs

reducing waste and inefficiencies caused by employee absences

Stay on Schedule
Gain oversight over your employees' locations and movements at all times
effectively communicate with each other by replacing a lot of communication apps
communicate with your team in a way that is more efficient, and more meaningful.
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onexp team groups dashboard feature
Team groups feature showing segmented groups of individuals by squads, coaches and management staff

Team Groups

How do you keep everyone on the same page? How do you make sure that your team can communicate effectively, stay organized and support each other? Our Teams group feature allows you to effortlessly share media with your assigned groups, manage group chats, sync calendars & stay organized.

Team Chats

Get rid of the noise with streamlined communication oneXp allows teams to effectively communicate with each other by replacing a lot of communication apps and services under one simple platform.

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team chats showing messages from players
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teams feature showing how to add members into the team
team management feature showing different commination options

Team Management

Keeping track of your teams and players can be hard enough. Responsibilities are wide-ranging, from managing schedules to managing player profiles, you need a way to make it easy for everyone. Receiving telephone calls from disorganized staff. What an administrative burden!  We’re on hand to help manage all the organization and paperwork behind any club with OneXp. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to keep track of players and staff, with the ability to keep up-to-date at all times.

Manage Your Media

Losing track of what needs to be done, when, and who's got it, Our Teams solution, allows users to share PDFs and videos via the in-app mobile messenger experience. These files can be shared once and are maintained chronologically for quick discovery by both creator and recipient.

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Team Media feature showcasing how to store and manage your media from chats

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